This has frightened me so much that I almost didn’t subscribe to your site! Nice touch making the article fully accessible without said sign up by the way.

Speaking of dumbing down, regurgitation of the past endeavours of original creators etc. and, to use a term from one of the works of my favourite Author who’s work I think has been terribly distorted, diluted and just made generally unappealing to the majority of people - it’s very “Jackpot” the world we’re currently living in, IMHO of course.

Thanks so much 🤲🏾❤️🤲🏾

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Sorry I forgot to name the perpetrators Amazon Prime, (which is actually my favourite streaming platform amongst other things), and their handiwork - The Peripheral.

What a terrible way to “bring a book to life” and especially so long after Netflix took far less well written or imagined material and showed the way with Altered Carbon - the hard copy book of which I’d owned for years but didn’t read more than a hundred pages of until the series dropped and part way through episode one I started having deja vu!

I read the first book all those years ago before finishing my viewing of the serialisation. A few months ago I decided to read the other two books. The second book isn’t as good as the first and the third one is dire to the point I’m stuck at halfway until I summon the will to start it again and give it more of my attention which waned after the first third of it.

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Great as always

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